₹ 10 /day
Skipy is bringing physical play to your child's favourite screen along with Art all in one package with the Skipy Premium Pack. As part of our Annual subscription you get a Free Drawing Essentials kit + Free Gaming Essentials kit along with access to unlimited access to all skipy experiences and products.
₹ 699 only
Skipy believes in physical play with virtual fun to help keep children engaged in games that are aimed at improving key skills at a early age. To give your child the best experience of play with Skipy buy our Gaming Essentials kit. This Kit comes along with a Two month subscription free.
₹ 699 only
Best way to understand a child is through his/her art and creations. Give yourself a chance to take a peek into your child's future through his or her creations. Buy our Drawing Essentials kit that provides children the best experience to bring their drawings to life. This Kit comes along with a Three month subscription Free.
Skipy is a simple creative
play kit for the future artist
and the budding storyteller.
Draw anything and bring your
creations to life and be
entertained by your own creations.
We want to make creative play
with pen and paper more fun,
entertaining and informative.
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